Have you ever created a switch component that just shows and hides an element? How about an accordion? Or maybe a slider? If you distill down these components into their core offering, it is really just a simple state toggle that is either a boolean or a index/key value that is being used.

I created this component because it is something I use all the time. I wanted to share it with other people so I released it as a package. The state can be either a boolean or a string. This means you can use it to create experiences that are not just on/off and show/hide.

With a simple toggle, you can build almost any UI experience. Think about experiences like show/hide, accordions, nested menus, and even sliders, they mostly revolve around a single piece of state.


Check out the website for demos.


npm install -S vue-ui-toggle
const Toggle = require('vue-ui-toggle'); // es5/node
// import Toggle from 'vue-ui-toggle'; // es6

Vue.component('toggle', Toggle);
import Toggle from 'vue-ui-toggle';

export default {
  // ...
  components: {
  // ...

To learn more, check out the website for the component.