All the cool kids are using the command line these days. This allows you to run quick commands and little functions that would be too tedious to run with a GUI or just clicking around.

A while ago I added this little code snippet to be .bashrc file. It means I can run download-wordpress in an empty folder and then it will go and grab the latest archive, unzip it, and remove the junk.

download-wordpress () {
  wget # get wordpress
  tar xfz latest.tar.gz # unzip the archive
  mv wordpress/* ./ # move the files to the root of this directory
  rmdir ./wordpress/ # delete the empty directory
  rm -f latest.tar.gz # delete the archive
  echo 'wordpress installed' # let me know we are done

This is a handy function. You can really use it for any CMS or Zip file you have to grab on the regular. Just remember to run this in an empty directory, or it will overwrite everything and it will make a huge mess.