Have you ever used permalinks on a site? These links store the state of the page in the URL. They can be super useful for simple single-page-apps (SPAs) for bringing users back to where they were when they left the page or just adding the ability to share that page state with someone else without requiring logins or anything like that.

I’m a Vue.js user who likes VueX. So I wanted to create a plugin in VueX that would send the state of the store into the URL.

VueX provides a plugin API so you can write plugins that can extend the basic functionality. So I wrote the plugin for VueX that would sync the store to the URL.

I used a great package called json-url which allows you to encode/compress JSON objects in a URL-safe way.

It is now published to npm and the source is on GitHub.

Here is the demo of the plugin working:

laravel multi-lingual site demo

You can use the plugin like so:

// es6
// import StatefulURL from 'vuex-stateful-url';
// commonjs
const StatefulURL = require('vuex-stateful-url');

export default new Vuex.Store({
  // ...
  plugins: [
    // your other plugins...
  // ...

You can read more on the Github page.