Here is a beauty. People have been looking for this Vim logo in a vector format for quite some time. There is of course the old logo, but it looks pretty strange. It reminds me of Tron for some reason.

Anyway this was a pain to make because of all the layers and custom shaping of the V. Also I had to make a bunch of changes to everything once I tested it in the browser because it was all busted.

I usually test my SVGs in the browser as a final OK point. I know if it renders there, then everything should be fine. Also people want it for using as a retina icon now, since the advent of responsive design and development.

vim svg vector

If you happen to use this for anything, it would be nice to recieve some credit for it. I actually couldn’t find who made the original Vim logo. It might just be lost in time.


I made a icns version for OSX. You can download it here.

You can change the MacVim icon if you want. I happen to think this one is a little nicer.

Update 2

I have found another person who wanted a new vim icon. They added it to the fork of MacVim. Here is the commit from his repo with the new icon.