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I created a hosted version of the module generator.

FINALLY!! I finished my module generator. It lets you create modules by just filling in a simple form. The module it generates can be used with 2.2. There is no support for any other version at this time.

See the Video or go to the github repo.

The “app” is just installed to your localhost. It uses no database and relies strictly on writing files and reading files.

It is built using Laravel because Pyro is eventually going to move to Laravel. It is kind of funny that a Laravel based app is building a CodeIgniter based CMS! Hehehee.

There is a lot of extra junk in there now just because I may create a dedicated site for it. I also want to make it more dynamic for when you are creating dropdown/multiselect and radio/checkbox inputs. But that depends. Right now it can just run locally and be used/customized that way.

This is actually my fourth iteration of the generator. I created one with no framework, just straight PHP. That was rough. Then I made one with just CodeIgniter. It was a little better. Next, I went kind of crazy and made a PHP command line tool. It can actually make plugins and widgets quite nicely.

In the end I chose Laravel because I might as well start learning it and it was pretty easy to use. Sp please check it out and help clean it up if you can.

Some little screenshots:

PyroCMS Module generator input form PyroCMS Module generator field input