I have created a new app (with the help of Beatrice Law) called Reverse Geocode.

In the process of building the site for Textbooks For Change, a WARPAINT Media client, I realized I needed an easy way for them to reverse geocode an address for their map listings.

The site is built on PhileCMS so it is very fast, but requires a little more savvy-ness than normal. I added the static Google Map that is based on the list of coordinates they enter in.

chrome reverse geocode app screenshot

It is very easy to update, but not quite that easy to get the coordinates. There is a Google tool to do this, but it is actually not as nice (but I have an obvious bias).

The app allows you to enter in an address, then they app goes and gets the latitude and longitude. Then, because this is a Chrome Packaged App, you can copy it right to your clipboard with a single click!

You can download the app on the Chrome Web Store.

The app is also on github so anyone can submit some changes and improvements.