Assemble starter is my starting point for any of my static assemble sites.

You can find the project on Github.

I often use assemble when I am building themes. The reason being you can do quick templating (thanks to Handlebars), it compiles fast, requires no server, and I am using Grunt anyway.

Extra grunt tasks:

  • grunt-contrib-watch – live reload and compiles on save
  • grunt-sass – C lib SASS action
  • grunt-contrib-concat – combine things
  • grunt-autoprefixer – prefix that ugliness

Modernizr Checks:

  • cssanimations
  • csstransforms
  • csstransforms3d
  • svg
  • touch
  • shiv
  • cssclasses
  • teststyles
  • testprop
  • testallprops
  • prefixes
  • domprefixes
  • css_filters

Other Libs:

Javascript Goodies:

  • prefix() – detect the js/css prefixes for different browsers
  • xhr() – function for no-jQuery AJAX

CSS Goodies:

  • normalize.scss

You can find the project on Github.